Advanced Health Collaborative, LLC, (AHC) is a voluntary collaboration between major independent regional nonprofit Maryland health systems. These partners come together with the intent to share ideas and find ways to efficiently and effectively improve health care, resulting in better quality at a reduced cost.

Advanced Health Collaborative offers its partners the ability to explore together, without merger, pro-competitive and beneficial opportunities to enhance quality in the provision of health services and improve access to health care services, especially through the implementation of patient-centered and multidisciplinary population health and care coordination activities. Furthermore, AHC believes that through collaboration among its members and with other Maryland stakeholders, AHC may potentially be able to develop regional and/or statewide programs that benefit everyone..

Recent News

Maryland-Based Health Systems Come Together to Form “Advanced Health Collaborative”

Alliance Allows Partners to Share Ideas and Develop Programs to Improve Health Care Quality in Maryland Baltimore, Maryland – Five major independent Maryland-based health systems* with a combined total of ten hospitals have formalized an agreement to create the Advanced Health Collaborative, LLC, (AHC) an organization that will offer its members

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no plans for the member organizations to merge. The purpose of this alliance is to improve access to national best practices, innovation, quality and efficiencies, as well as to create a shared voice related to advocacy. There is an added possibility of various members developing shared clinical and non-clinical services, but the independence of each member organization would be respected.

The members all serve the people of Maryland, have similar missions and visions, have complimentary medical staffs and provide comprehensive health care services covering most all of Maryland.

The benefits realized by each organization depend on the programs implemented. The goal is to improve patient care, operations and population health by working together, sharing best practices, improving quality and reducing costs, primarily through common and shared approaches to population health and care coordination activities. Advanced Health Collaborative (AHC) draws on the resources, expertise and experience of its members, as well as national best practices and innovation, to deliver innovative and responsive patient care with a commitment to quality and efficiency. AHC better positions its members to share expertise in the years to come to improve the health of residents in each participant’s communities. The participating health care providers will enhance their operations by working together, sharing, implementing and creating best practices, improving quality and reducing costs through economies of scale. If an organization believes a certain shared service initiative will not benefit its operation, there is no obligation for that organization to participate in that initiative.

The chief executive officers of the participating organizations began informal discussions in 2013 to explore options for developing an alliance. With unanimous agreement on the purpose and structure of the collaborative, AHC began operations on January 1, 2015. This is the beginning phase for the strategic alliance. The CEOs share optimism for the goals and potential objectives they hope to achieve. Because the collaborative remains in its start-up phase, there are still many goals, objectives and details to work through. As planning and implementation progresses, the respective health systems will post updated information on their respective websites as well as on this site.

To be successful in the new Maryland all-payer, population-based and patient-centered model, all health care providers will need to work more collaboratively and create alignment that encourages all constituents to improve quality and reduce costs. The Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and many other constituents (such as the state’s hospital association, physician association and long-term care association) are working to encourage provider alignment, including through a state workgroup that made a number of recommendations that are being investigated and implemented. Provider payment models are being redesigned to pay for better quality and outcomes as opposed to paying only for treating illness. By working together, AHC members will be better able to more quickly and effectively design, participate in and implement models that better align the incentive to deliver improved quality at a lower cost.

As opportunities arise, the board of directors may accept other like-minded organizations with similar compositions, missions and visions to join this strategic alliance.

If you are interested in learning more about the Advanced Health Collaborative, please contact us.